Friday, April 17, 2015

New watercolors from my art a day challenge

Hello my friends! As you probably notice my latest absence this week, I have been busy with custom work and creative challenges.  But as my b-day approaches this weekend, I have decided to post something fun and little bit personal.  To get started ...  here are my favorite quotes (not original to me, but I hope you will find them inspiring)
Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going!

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found. 
-James Russell Lowell
Drawing is a valuable life skill - it helps you think, invent and communicate - 
regardless of our age or ability. 

Only mediocrities progress.  An artist revolves in a cycle of masterpieces, the first of which is no less perfect than the last! - Oscar Wilde 

Actually I turned to art as plan B after stubbing my toe on my first passion - ballet!   As a young ballerina, I agonized over my failure to live up to the ideal feminine overachiever.   Often I would sit in the corner and do some sketches of the dancers (just like Degas, but I only found out this analogy much later).  My favorite subject is dancers and the female subject with subtle movement and sometimes vulnerability, and I have filled my home with paintings!
If colors were dating, subtle shades of black and pink would be the perfect couple for me!  Sometimes no combination is bolder and more delicious than opposites.  Pink is so feminine that it shouts princess while black is so masculine and the real bad boy of color!  You'll see these two colors in a lot of my paintings.

P.S. I hope you enjoyed my little journey here ( all collection of ten pieces see in my IG with daily posts) and I will see you soon with new updates and more special announcement about my new work and lovely Mothers Day dedication... but it is later :)   xx, Lana

Monday, April 6, 2015

Art a Day Challenge

Hello my friends! Happy April!

After ignoring my blog for a month, I decided to make up to is with my personal 10 day challenge! Even though this is for myself, if you would like to jump in the wagon and be a part of this self challenging project please be my guest. I know I want to do this for a long time, but I could not find a month when I was actually not traveling or swamped with commissions and it seems like April is perfect. I think it will be exciting to see how I will challenge my creativity and the whole experience of art making, posting, documenting and just having fun. In my normal everyday mode I sometimes take on large projects that take days or sometimes longer that morph into somebody else's vision - not my own.   So, I decided to create a small challenges for myself and also it is my birthday month, so I will happy to reveal something personal , artistic inspiration and motivation behind my work.  If I fail, I will be disappointed with myself, but If I make it happen - it will be my personal victory!   It will be a small personal journey ...  So, lets a new adventure begun! and I have a few surprises on my sleeve... so please comment and sharing my post freely!
I think it really come down to making art as everyday priority, so even thought I'm making art in everyday, but I will to challenge to invest more moments into art-making, not a business of making art.

So this new project mill called #artaday, or #makeart, or #heartforart... not so sure what hush-tag to pick -  so what do you think? xx, Lana

P.S. I will post all 10 pieces after it will be done, that way I can skip everyday publishing... 
so stay tuned!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Latest updates from my art studio ....

Hello my lovelies,

As February is almost over and so many things are happening in my studio, I feel like my blog is not getting as much attention as I'd like.  I'm busy traveling, doing custom paintings and working on new collaborations with my clients.  So, I will have to be very brief with my posts and latest updates.

More new original paintings inspired by my forever love of Paris are posted in my shop:  Get a slice of Paris for your wall! These new large prints are absolutely amazing ... love the texture, colors and the look stays very true to the original!  I'm so excited to add them to my shop - for a limited time only!
My IG circle is growing (most of the time I find it even more convenient than any other social media tool, I don't even know why it took me so long to get started :) ... with new daily updates @lanasartstudio

Commissions have always been a part of my art life, although I'm doing fewer and fewer due to my work load at the moment.  As a painter for 25 years I've had numerous clients (from larges churches, investment companies, largest collectors of art, etc.) and I never take for granted the love and joy these projects bring and the loyalty of my many returning clients.  I would like to share a recent email with you here and I must admit it brought tears to my eyes (I'm very sentimental if you have not guessed yet:) "I received my two prints late yesterday.  Thank you SO very much!  I love them both;  I was beyond delighted to receive "tulipmania" in a larger size!!!!!  I waited all January for you to return from vacation!!!!!  I had wanted that print for ages!!!!!  I absolutely love all of your work, and even have some things in my cart to order in March!  I am a (......) young interior decorator, who is trying to "do" a bedroom on  a budget!!!!!  Not an easy task in Arkansas!!!!!  At any rate, thanx again and you will be seeing another order soon!!!!!  -V.

Last but not least, I'm so excited to give you a hint of another new collaboration with White House Black Market for their Fall Collection, but this is in the process of development, so stay tuned for more updates on this very exciting project....

As always, thank you for visiting and please be kind to leave me your comment,
with love, Lana

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Romantic Bliss Continues ...

Hello My Friends! It is seems like Valentine's Day is just around the corner and today I have a special treat for you. These new pieces are from my Romantic Bliss collection for this special occasion and may be just what you like. If you interested in seeing more, please go to my shop 
I must be feeling sentimental lately ... all my new art pieces are filled with nostalgia and a sense of romance.  I posted this new piece last weekend and it has already sold. This Parisian inspired painting found a landing place in the beautiful state of Kentucky.  It 's so nice when my work finds a permanent home.  They are better out in the world, hopefully brightening peoples spaces and bringing back some happy memories!  Safe travel dear "French Kiss"!
If my work inspired you to ask about a custom piece - This is how the custom portrait process works: You send me an email from here or convo from etsy shop telling me as much about your idea as you want to - every little bits help: personality, stories, colors, all that. You can send photographs if you like.  Depending on my current schedule, it can take up to 2-3 weeks after you buy the listing for me to complete the piece and mail it to you. You will receive one 10 x 14 or 16 x 20 sized original watercolor.  The piece will be signed by me unless you request otherwise.

Check the images above to see if you like my style. As you can see, I work in a loose, semi-abstract style, so you will NOT have an exact reproduction of your photograph, but rather a loose interpretation based on what you told me about your subject and the images you sent me. 
As always my hugs and sweet wishes to all! What is your favorite Valentine's Day memories? 
xx, Lana

Monday, January 5, 2015

Goodbye 2014... Hello 2015!

Today is the first Monday in January and my first post of 2015.  I made a new year's resolution and I will be starting a year long project " tips and tricks of blogging for artists" ... and I hope you will come along for the fun and we all learn some new things along the way ... stay tuned!
My Etsy Shop
I realize that I'm not a professional blogger ... and it's not to in my plans to be such.  I love to just do art, but creating art is not the only thing artists have to do.   As any professional artist will tell you - there are many hats to be worn.  So, this year I will share my blogging tips and tricks on a monthly basis with the goal of helping new artists or bloggers with the challenges they might face.

I don't like to be predictable in my blog posts, but I would like to be more cohesive with my postings schedule.  Last year I tried to post weekly and sometimes failed and it brought guilt, then disappointment ... so this year I will commit to twice monthly postings.  Also, as you noticed, my blog is about my art and the things that inspire me.   I will continue to post my museums trips, and my personal work ... all of which will be seen thru my life experiences and my personal travel plans.  Right now I have 3 destinations in my plans for this year : San Francisco in early spring - I'm looking to create a series of romantic pieces and hope to be inspired by the things that I see and feel there.  A European tour in May (Paris included!) ... I'm certain that many new memories and inspirations await me there!  I hope to end the summer in Russia with my mother and enjoying her delicious cooking.  So until then I continue to plan and dream and of course hope for many surprises and opportunities to come along as well!   So as my 2015 begins, I'm reminded that the journey is not about the destination, it's more about enjoying the ride! :)
Lana Moes Umbrella
Last year I had amazing opportunities work with the White House Black Market team. You never know who might be seeing your work online! As you see from my FB or Instagram posts, WHBM has created several items based on my Paris related art that are now appearing nationwide in their stores and I'm so extremely happy and thankful for this great collaboration with WHBM.
 (Credit for photos below belong WHBM website )
As for my friends and followers - May your coming year be filled with magic, joy, and great memories! I hope you kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful ... and don't forget to make some art - draw, or write, or build, or live as only you can.  And I hope somewhere in the next year, you will surprise yourself. May you have a peaceful and focused week ahead and see you around! with love, Lana

Monday, December 29, 2014

Grateful month of December - Happy New Year!

In the spirit of it being Christmas week, I'm feeling deeply grateful .....
Living life as an artist is a dream come true and I'm grateful for every single day.

I'm grateful for every single person who is moved to purchase my art.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my art and experiences with other artists and entrepreneurs who might want to live their own dream too.

I am so grateful to share my artistic creations with people all over the world.

I'm so grateful for God's guidance that has made me who I am in the world.

I'm mostly grateful for the support of family and friends who believed in me and my dream and tirelessly support my life.

... and this year I can say I am grateful and excited to carry my dream to the next level.

This year has been groundbreaking for me professionally, with my art available to customers in several unique and exciting ways!  And I may have broken a record here at Lana's Art Studios for most sales in one month this month alone!  But the most special thing is the people behind all those sales.  So this is my love and gratitude back - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you all in 2015!

Thank you thank you every single one of you who has touched my life in so many ways through my blog, shop and personal reach....

Enjoy your holiday my friends! and I hope all your lovely wishes will come true!!! My biggest hugs!

Cheers 2015! xx, Lana 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hello my dear friends!  How was your week?  First of all I like to say all of you thank you so much for your kind messages about my beloved Nikki last week. It means a lot to me.  Many of you have pets and you know how hard it is to say goodbye from your personal experiences.  But now on to the magical time of Christmas and I will be enjoying it with loved ones.

I opened my Instagram account @LanasArtStudio couple of days ago, and I'm probably the last person to join it :) ... I found all of my friends from FB, Etsy, and Pinterest happily sharing their lovely pictures with the world already!  I have tons of questions and more ideas ahead .... but now hear from the pros how to avoid mistakes there .... so far I found this week:

  • An Instagram account I wish I'd thought of: Wenevermet. Pictures of strangers (who aren't facing the camera) and tiny, imaginary caption stories of their lives. Here
  • I found a printable (free) WOODLANDS gift tags I may be using for my presents here
  • Ultimate guide for my new Instagram adventure here
  • Came across this site  for you friends with cats - Top 10 toys for your holiday!
 And, last but not least I would like to sharing my weekend small getaway to a lovely old city St. Augustine with Nights of Lights. This is our yearly holiday tradition and I'm so happy to sharing it with you.

 During Nights of Lights, St. Augustine glows with holiday magic - from the ground to the rooftops. Selected by National Geographic in 2011 & 2012 as one of the ten best holiday lighting displays in the world, St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights feature millions of tiny white lights that create a magical atmosphere in the Nation’s oldest city.

Tracing its origins to the Spanish tradition of displaying a white candle in the window during the Christmas holidays, the spectacular lighting reflects the city’s 449-year history and illuminates the beautiful setting for lasting holiday memories.

The best way to enjoy the popular holiday lighting display is to park in the Historic Parking Facility located off Castillo Drive and enjoy the sights in one of many different ways – on foot, by bicycle or pedicab, on the Old Town Trolley or the Ripley’s Red Train, or by horse and carriage. - via  
Christmas only a few days away and I'm looking forward to spend this days with a quiet and restful last minute cooking and enjoying time with my family! Merry Christmas to All and Lovely Sweet Wishes!
With Love,