Friday, March 28, 2014

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  HELLO LOVELIES! Happy Friday! How was your week? My week just flew by and here is my wish list/hopes/plans for the weekend not in any particular order:
  1. Something new to try this weekend. Perhaps to add/learn one more tool for my social media marketing efforts: FlipBoardA pretty version of an RSS reader for the iPad & iPhone. Takes the articles and makes them appear in a magazine layout. Imagine a magazine custom made based on all your favorite websights' new articles. (FREE)
  2. Watch more  my favorite fashion shows like "Under the Gunn"  (have recorded latest this is the time to catch up) 
  3. I have a confession to make (shhh)...I hate a tax season :) But whether I like it or not, it is time to organize it!
  4. Support and cheer for my darling "golf champion" ... so he will become the county champion this weekend.... yehhh!
  5. My hope to have a quiet, peaceful evening with my man and boys ( I hope my oldest son will visit us this weekend ... he promised me ) with simple and soulful dinner! (my roses are growing fast and will start blooming soon (azaleas are already in full bloom) ... so I think it is time to start thinking about floral for a centerpiece......
But right now, I have some really lovely things to share with you....
Inspired by French flower markets, we filled simple, galvanized tins with fresh peonies and lined them up for a centerpiece full of impact. Anyone (including those with zero floral experience) can put this centerpiece together in minutes, a day or two before your event. Flower Market Centerpiece created by Chelsea for Once Wed

This 6 must try DIYs floral definatelly will bring you to a romantic, sweet spring mood and a smell is amazing - from Rachel for The Crafted Life.

What inspires you? Perhaps the Chip It! can helps you to find a perfect colors palette for your room or decor.

{images: linked to individual sources above} Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!! See you back here next week! xx, Lana

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Weekend

 Hello my friends! 
March almost is over and in no time the sun will shine everywhere ... just like here in Florida. The pollen and allergies are affecting not only me but my dog, despite that we are still enjoying outside activities!  I love to see the new blooms and flowers coming every day... azalea, and dogwoods are blooming already. So today, while my husband played golf, I just decided have date with myself and go for walk with buddy ... even he is a four legs ... he never think he just a dog:) 
Below is a picture of him trying to catch bees .... and he knows how!  He is actually an expert catcher moles, squirrels, bees, and even turtles! ..... It is quite a challenge trying to domesticate a rescue dog!

Have a sweet weekend and wishing everyone a happy spring! Do you have something interesting planned for this time of the year? Any exciting plans for spring? or spring brake perhaps? xx,

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Madness

 Happy Monday lovelies! 
How is Monday treating you so far?  I had a brief but lovely beach day getaway - to just see the beautiful blue water was so calm and relaxing ... I decided to start my weekly post with these fresh pictures!  Though it is in blue hues it is still definitely summery and uplifting I think:) What do you think?

I decided to post this today - sun came out and all my blues were washed away....  I have my busy week ahead: a few commissions to finish, small illustrations to complete, get ready for my FL teacher's recertification renewal and most important prepare for my dear old ( not too old ... just from my high school years :)  friend come to visit me next week from New York ( it took her three years this time to finally visit Florida again - but it is better late then never :) 
I wish you a happy spring and many more great sunny days ahead!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Perfect Day To Stay at Home

 Hello my friends!  
Today and all this week actually a perfect gray and dreary day to stay at home and cozy up. I'm staying with computer all day and still in my PJ's since morning! I realized that now:) Normally in the mid afternoon I run errands, get things ready to mail and find my way back to the studio for more work. But today was one of those days where I just didn't feel like going. So, I didn't!  And what a luxury it was to work here all day, look outside to a gray and cold yard more fit for London than usually sunny Florida.  I let my dog roam around, sipped hot tea, listened to music, cranked out a few treasuries, answered my teammates comments, and just soaked up being lazy for a day!
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Infinity (click on)
I made this Treasury that I'm specially fond of.  It has a warm, magical, fresh spring sort of feeling...
the kind of feelings sifting through my mind all day. I wish everyone a lovely weekend and Be Inspired!
P.S. Posted on Saturday .... totally forgot yesterday:)  How is your weekend going so far? Cheers!
xx, Lana

Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Love in The World....

Pin It  Hello my Friends!

It is lovely spring inspired weekend here in my studio! Well, I must be feeling sentimental and still under Valentine's lately.... all my new pieces are filled with romances this week....Here 'is a brand newbies. I hope you enjoy them :)

I have been asked several times if I would consider doing a prints sales, so I decided to make a few special priced prints for my shop. This is an open edition, but I have a limited supply.... ask me about
discount for my blog followers:) in convo privately..... or here in comments!

Happy Weekend to All!
and More Love in the World... that is my dream... just more please:)
xx, Lana