Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Weekend

Hello My Darlings,
This week was so extremely busy with a lots of ups and downs.  I totally had no time to upgrade or add to my blog.  But this morning as I woke up convinced that some things were left undone relative to my blog - I jumped in first thing: posted my new updates - some very exciting and some not as much.  

1.This week I have the prints/canvas prints from my sold paintings featured on along with other wonderful and talented female artists. (Eli Halpin - fun and whimsical artist, Leigh Viner - totally most popular now, and a few more very talented ladies with a less familiar names).  I must say it was a Big disupointmet for my art not to be posted with my last name.  It was only as Lana's Art Gallery.... which is for artists a big deal!   It has been corrected for the future, however.
My Paintings on GILT

 2. Celebrating my birthday this week and also continues with my boys b-days so it is a lot of (not so healthy sometimes) food, but lots of good times. I'm so proud of my boys - they are such talented, smart, goal driven and fine young men. I wish them many blessings and happy life journeys!

3. I had work overload so I only made a small contribution on the treasury this week, but thank you all my prolific teammates (you know who you are :) for featuring my art in your most creative treasuries. Thank you to all! Here are my favorites:

Be Happy at Rainbow Day by MaRina
Spring Treasury by me
Subtle Rainbow by Erin

Few things to be added: lots of plans for  May and a lot of custom work for a short time period. But this weekend all for most important celebration of Easter and my best wishes to everyone who celebrate it. Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Custom Pet Portraits .... Down Memory Lane

lanasartstudio.blogspot.comI worked on a really sweet commission last week. The request was from an art lover/collector for a family pet portrait (I have done numerous commissioned portraits of her family over the years - thank you Rae so much for being a great supporter/appreciator of my art!
And I thought I would take a look in my files and show everyone some of the pet portraits I have done in the past......

This is from a few years back but is really memorable.   Every portrait had a very unique story behind it .... and I remember the moment of delivery of the commission and the joy and emotion it brought them.   We love our four legged family members!
with tails or not ... along with children, they are our most rewarding possession:)
Have a wonderful and productive week  everyone! And please excuse my absence for this weekend post :( ... I have to concentrate to complete a few custom works and I will have to really push myself for the next week to organize my tax mess! .... and I hope in no time it will be over....  so wish me luck!