Thursday, May 30, 2013

Window Shopping in Paris

We have a hard week in traveling it seems, so come and lets do some window and street displays shopping today in Paris. Walk the boulevards with me and let me take you for some divine Parisien store windows to gaze upon, be inspired or just to make you relaxed.

Tea time and desert lovers.....

Look for the luscious colors in just about any patesserie. i've found snapping they pretty little faces is nearly as much fun as testing, but without the quilt :) 

Here’s a few for fresh market lovers...

fresh market 
For the foodies…

The flowers shop in Paris are divine. Their window displays are pieces of art.  and I have a hard time walking by without stopping to gaze at the floral still life....

Antique lovers perhaps....

My camera and I have learned to make the most of those moments, looking anything photo-wothy from my fast randevoux in the trip to coffee shop.

Maxim's Store in Paris


I took these shots in our closest place. Sometimes it pays to walk around with your nose in the air!!!

Stay with me and do more window shopping in Paris...... soon!

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