Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Discover Your London Style

I think London has so many eclectic it is hard to really pick the most recognizable. I know it sounds weird to name a few like red phone booths, best taxi cabs (seriously London's cab drivers are the best), or Big Ben. But it took me awhile to really fill the spirit and sense of the very touristy bustling city. I had some memorable inspirations I would like to share with you here.
La Vie En Blues

You can buy anything at London's famous department store, from a teddy bear to a pair of diamond-encrusted high heels. Which I'm  prefer :) I love mixture and eclectic fashion style of London.

I had the pleasure of walked many of the London bridges this summer. From the moment I stepped on Tower bridge,  I knew I would capture it in a painting.

Enjoy the London inspired collection at my shop: LanasArt on Etsy posted this week!
Spellbound at LanasFineArt


  1. these watercolors are beautiful! thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love your work as well and I had a pleasure to pin some of your diy projects! Lovely blog Lindsey!

  3. Great works, I like the one with the phone booth and the lacey texture in the fourth.

  4. Marienken, thank you for stopping by today and leave a comment!

    I just completed those two paintings inspired by a recent trip to Paris and London and one with a telephone booth piece already sold. I believe people found in those paintings the love and sweet memories I put in them. It is always a mystery and a joy for me to see two buyers, one from Ireland and another from Australia, buying in the same day two pieces from the same collection (sometimes within an hour of one another)!

  5. You make watercolor look so beautiful. My favorite is the second one with the reds :)

  6. Linda thank you, painting you like sold yesterday to Ireland! I love it as well! I always wonder who is the buyers and what place it will be displays....I think i will write the next blog about it:) ...will see!