Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pattern of Nature in Watercolor

This week I have added some exciting new watercolor paintings to my Etsy store:
lanasart on Etsy

Check them out when you have time! Look along the left sidebar of my blog for more examples and click on the pictures. 

Lana's Art Studio


  1. I like that second one on the top. All of them are so pretty!

  2. Thank you Kim, I like to interpret nature with a delicate layers and imaginative patterns. I visited your blog today as well:)

  3. They are all beautiful. I love the ones of the ladies!

    1. Thank you Sheryl! I use the female figure almost exclusively because that is the perspective from which I view the world.... Love all my ladies:)

  4. These are beautiful! I love the vibrant colors that you use in your work. It is so eye-catching!

  5. Thank you Heather for your keen comment on my art! I love color and I live in the Sunshine state ...everything seems brighter and more vibrant here!