Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts for Today

I love to paint.
It is vital to my life.
I paint wherever I am.
I paint from a feminine, fresh, youthful and very passionate perspective.
Fashion is my muse. The colors of summer are my delicious palette.
The subject in my personal work is predominantly a reflection of my thoughts at the moment.
I'm fascinated by faces, the inner beauty of the woman and by the beauty that surrounds me.  This is how I choose to create my life and my art.


  1. That one with the bike is different. I love the colors that you use in all your pieces. =0)

  2. Thank you Kim for stopping by and looking at my work. I really like your definition of beauty you posted today - I like your perspective:)

  3. Gorgeous as usual :) Love the bicycle pic!

  4. I love the bicycle picture and especially with a feminine touch. I took this picture at Paris street market for reference long ago and I have sold the painting already...but I love to look at it so much....great memories:)

  5. I love the bicycle painting also, it is gorgeous!

  6. These are amazing, you are so talented! I love the teals and reds. You definitely have an eye for color!

  7. Gari and Heather, Thank you so much for stopping by today!