Friday, October 25, 2013

Inspiration: October in Pink

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This inspiration is from  Molly my fellow artist from Etsy featuring my watercolor. Love this combination of pink and black ... very contrasting.  Thank you for a lovely post!   I feel like its almost end of October and I was preoccupied with a different posts so my favorite color of this month felt neglected. With this note of apology, I think I will give a last minute shot of tribute to my pinks, corals, and especially bright pink and definitely some of my favorite images from my pinterest inspiration board.




  1. I love the fresh pink color! Lovely change for Fall!

    New follower from EBT :)


  2. What a gorgeous pink collage! And your rose in a bowl watercolour is fantastic! I love the bold use of fuchsia pink :)
    have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I want a pink ombre cake! And a pink tiled bathroom :-) Mine is grey-bluesh, a very odd colour chosen by the previous owners. If I ever get to change it, I'll keep the pink in mind. Have a lovely weekend Lana!

  4. I'm kind of in love with the pink tiled bathroom! And your watercolour artwork is lovely :)