Friday, October 18, 2013

October in LOVE - Treasury Game

I participated in a treasury game 96 this weekend coordinated by the Avid Team. I think it was a great success! Even though I did not get any sales... I found a lot of great items I would like to order before the holidays hit me:) It was a little challenging to come up with four treasuries every day this week, but I was pretty happy with the results! 
Here is one of mine I'm most proud of:

October in Love by
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And here are some of my favorite treasuries featuring my own work:

Winter Wonderland by Marieken Hoefnagel on Etsy
Primary by Wilma Van Asch on Etsy
Today I pinned to my treasury pinterest board and this lovely image (above) just popped up (you know how it is sometimes:) ...could not resist to included it in my blog ...not because I feel like it's current, but I'm seriously thinking of purchasing these pants!  Reason reminds me of Parisian fashion.  Maybe I'm a little nostalgic about it!  Hmmm...
On a serious note...please share your you think it's worth it to spend $35USD for these vintage pants? Let me know what you think!!! 

Happy Weekend!
xx, Lana

P.S. Thank you everyone who participated in my first giveaway last means a lot to me to have you follow my work and my blog! 


  1. I think the Primary treasury is my favorite! Your items are gorgeous!

    New follower from etsy :)

  2. Thanks for including my treasury in your lovely blog.

  3. Nice surprise to see my bonjour-cards, you did a wonderful job on that treasury. Have a fab weekend Lana!

  4. Lovely collection! I found some new favourites :)
    Have a beautiful day,
    Duni xo