Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Traveling Abroad Tips

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Currency is a new app that beautifully and simply helps you make quick currency conversions while you’re traveling. I love this! It’s a great way to avoid the stress of international purchases. Or is that just me that gets totally stressed out when checking out in a foreign language with foreign currency? 
Here’s a little video that shows more about it:

Do you use Currency already? Or maybe you’re just a whiz at quickly calculating exchange rates. :) Do you have any other favorite apps for traveling? I love new Google Maps!

Valid Passport – make sure your passport is current (US passports typically expire every 10 years – renewal currently is $115) or if you don’t have a passport make sure to apply for one six months in advance (often turn around is 2-3 months, but don’t take the risk). Also, if you're passport is set to expire in six months, be sure to have it renewed before traveling as some countries will not allow you to board if this is the case. 
Also, to travel some countries like to Russia you must have a visa! You need to apply for it! ( if you need more information about how/where/and what please don't hesitate to ask me).

Contact Your Bank & Credit Card Company 
  • Based on which cards you will be using, call that institution and let them know you will be traveling (when and where) so that they don’t report your card stolen when a purchase pops up for tickets to see a ballet in the theater "Bolshoi" in Moscow for example:)
  • Ask about all possible fees (ATM, general card use, etc) so that you can calculate that into your budget and plan how many withdrawals you will want to make. 
  •  Choose what works best for you!
What pre-planning musts would you add to the list? 
Please, do share....xx, Lana


  1. We don't really have the currency thing over here in Europe, because most countries have the Euro. Great for comparing prices, but I did like the whole currency exchange thing, it gave me more of a holiday feeling :-)

  2. Hi Marieken,
    When we travel from Paris to London in the train restaurant lady ask me how do i pay? It was a first time I had to make a choice between euros or pounds - both of which are not favorable to the USD (adding an additional 30 -50% to my costs!)

  3. Great tips, I'd never heard of the app before. It would have been lovely to use when I went to Thailand, I'm not the best with numbers!

  4. Wow! Thailand...that is very exotic! I would like to hear about you trip as well! Thank you for visiting!

  5. That sounds like a great app! I went to Europe years ago and it would have come in so handy figuring out pounds and euros. Do you have any exciting travel plans coming up?

    1. Vegas...but it not as exiting is like a holiday every year tradition!

  6. I haven't traveled in quite a long time. My passport is expired! These are great tips, though. =0)

  7. Wow great tips! I haven't traveled to Europe since 2004 but hope to in the coming year :) I want to show my husband my hometown in Sicily. It's so beautiful

  8. I love to see Italy one day.... we planning the next year Mediterranean cruise as looking forward!

  9. Thanks for the share! I would also avoid using your cellphone! My family and I got one of those lovely Tuscan Villa Rentals a few months back and my youngest daughter decided she had to text her boyfriend the entire time. Upon coming home, I was greeted with a phone bill with almost $1,000 dollars in overages. Moral of the story is....don't use your phone :)