Sunday, August 25, 2013

End of Summer Art Reflection

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Summer is almost over and I'm very happy that it was a busy time and exciting as well.   Lots of traveling, new artworks, nice relaxing weekend trips, and great community support from my fellow teammates. 
Thank you for the following bloggers, google+ friends, and especially Jessica from Creative Index for featuring me and publishing my interview in your blog! Your blog is amazing!

Read more ARTIST LOVE featuring my art here:

"In the right hands, a flower will always feel fresh. With my art I see inspiration in the flower, especially the elegant peonies. I strive to interpret nature and make it my own. Best of all, these will keep their bloom all year round."

"I don't sketch what I'm going to do when I begin an abstract piece. My art just flows from me, to my brush, and then to my painting.  What I leave out is just as important as what I put in."

More about my creative process, vision and plans read in my recent interview with Jessica from Creative Index  here

  • Care to share any tips that help you to stay on task and follow your creative life?
Here is my tip for today: "Do the things that frightens you most, then the rest of the day is a breeze." 



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Discover Your London Style

I think London has so many eclectic it is hard to really pick the most recognizable. I know it sounds weird to name a few like red phone booths, best taxi cabs (seriously London's cab drivers are the best), or Big Ben. But it took me awhile to really fill the spirit and sense of the very touristy bustling city. I had some memorable inspirations I would like to share with you here.
La Vie En Blues

You can buy anything at London's famous department store, from a teddy bear to a pair of diamond-encrusted high heels. Which I'm  prefer :) I love mixture and eclectic fashion style of London.

I had the pleasure of walked many of the London bridges this summer. From the moment I stepped on Tower bridge,  I knew I would capture it in a painting.

Enjoy the London inspired collection at my shop: LanasArt on Etsy posted this week!
Spellbound at LanasFineArt

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Post Project Blues

Yesterday, I finished my bohemian style inspired collection for an upcoming show in September.  I put the final touches on the last painting and cleaned my studio (oh boy! lots of paint splashes and dirty dry brushes need to throw away :)
For myself, I like this series of paintings a lot, but I'm always anxious to see the response from viewers. I posted this painting in my online store: Click here to see more

I guess I hit the post project blues! So now I think I will take a break! I will take some long walks, go to yoga class, read a book (the one not yet opened from my last order)  and go to dinner and celebrate the work that is done.!  Maybe in the process I'll allow space for new ideas to grow.  And then begin the process of bringing to life new creative ideas.

How do you overcome the post-project blues?
Do you give yourself time to celebrate the small accomplishment? Share with me ... I will be happy to hear from you!
xx, Lana

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cool Colors of My Palette

This time around I'm playing with a lot of cool colors from my palette.  I guess summer and the ocean give me continued inspiration about my color possibilities: sky blue, teal, aquamarine, and a touch of pink and yellow.... ok maybe a more than touch!

Seaweeds inspired 

What has been going on in my life you ask??? Let me share some resent updates on this week... 

                        .....this incredible Clearwater Beach weekend enjoyed with my husband....

                                  .........view of the beach from the balcony at the Hilton.....

.... I snapped this and other eclectic buildings as we walked in St. Pete ... 

... this is my favorite art gallery ....
Craftsman Gallery in St. Pete

                                           ......This is something you cannot pass by.....
               ........ Also, don't forget to treat yourself as a princess in your favorite spa ......
               ........ I know this is an aquarium not a spa picture but you got the idea:) ......

Now I can go back to my easel .... I miss you my studio!!!  
I hope your weekend was fun and restful! I'd love to hear about what is going on in your world as well, just shoot me a line or two!

Visit my gallery:  LanasArt on Etsy where you will find a lot more of my new summer inspired paintings and please stay tuned for more updates!