Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello my lovelies! Back from my break during the summer months. In July I visited Russia and then to heavy workload and regular sales which has kept me from social interaction here. But as time returns to normal, I will be updating you on the news and hopefully keep you more inspired. I have great pictures posted on IG about my Russian trips, so please visit me there for more current posts.

Over the past years I've travel to Paris, London, Moscow, Russia, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and more. All along the way I created Illustration of the sights that inspire me! Thanks to the Etsy, I'm able to share my creations with you, and also I'm able to offer them in the variety of print sizes for your wall in my store here.

Ps. More cities to come, I'm just deciding where I want to travel next? Where do you think I should go?

I've been a busy bee preparing for new website ... but it is seems like I'm going in circles of unfortunate choices. I would like to keep my personal shop here on Etsy, and be a part of this community with my teams that are here already :) but I would like to move slowly to the personal page from blogspot platform.  I'm not so sure which to pick and it is more in details here and there. I like to collect all those pro and cons from experts, and if you have any experience with online social please share with me in the comments!
 as alway with love, Lana