Sunday, January 26, 2014

Valentine's Day Inspired Collection and Custom Portraits

Pin It  Hello My Friends! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and today I have a special treat for you. This sweet Valentine's inspired collection for this special occation may be just what you like. If you interested in seeing more, please go to my shop.

I have been busy of the past two weeks with a few custom portraits and general abstract commissions. But before I show you some of my latest work please watch the video.   This is so true to my life lately is not even funny.

Here are some of the highlights of my completed and nearly completed pieces. Don't you think that they are precious:)  I still can't get those sweet little faces out of my mind!

And this is from my recent bridal and anniversary custom illustration: 

This is how the custom portrait process works: Then you send me an email or convo from etsy shop telling me as much about the people as you want to - the little bits help: personality, silly stuff, stories, all that. You send me photographs.  Depending on my current schedule, it can take up to 2-3 weeks after you buy the listing for me to complete the piece and mail it to you. You will receive one 9x14 sized original watercolor. The piece will be signed by me unless you request otherwise.

Check the images above to see if you like my style. Image here is a good comparison of photograph and final piece. As you can see, I work in a loose, impressionistic/semi-abstract style, so you will NOT have an exact reproduction of your photograph, but rather a loose interpretation based on what you told me about your subject and the images you sent me.

As always love, hugs, and the sweet wishes to all! 
xx, Lana

Monday, January 13, 2014

More Plans for 2014

Pin It  I have been blessed to traveled a lot in my life. My parents loved to see new places and they made a distinct effort to travel with me whenever we had the chance while I was growing up.  In college and after I traveled all over Europe. Prior to moving to the US I frequently traveled for my work.  So, needless to say, traveling has developed into a passion of mine, and I get a thrill visiting and exploring new places.  Here is where I went in 2013 and I'm so happy to accomplish it!

I'm working now on my new traveling plans.  This year I would like to travel more locally ... I intend to stay in the US and maybe explore both coasts.  Or perhaps take a nice drive along the Pacific ..... by RV might be a fun choice.....We'll see... so far Las Vegas, Napa Valley, and the Caribbean are all on my list .... and of course my favorite winter destination is Miami Beach and St. Petersburg, Russia for summer :)

Well, I'm dreaming big....and I want to make memories all over the world! Woohoo!!!!

Have you turned any dreams into plans? How did it work out? 
I would love to know....please share it with me,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Resolutions - Organized Office & Studio Space

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Hello My Friends! It is hard to believe, but January is here - and with is it my first blog post of this new year I decided to start with organizing my space. As you can imagine, I spend most of my working time in the studio or at my desk...( when I have break from my traveling:)

So, it is crucial to have an inspiring, creative space and organized at the same time.  Here I would like to share my tips on how to stay productive at the optimum level:
  • Clean the Clutter Weekly
I used wait till an occasional guest visit to clean my desk area. But that only resembled more like tossing all my stuff in the closet and closing the door. This year one of my new resolutions is to spend Friday tossing old papers, organizing and labeling supplies, and putting all unused objects where they belong!
  • Find Storage Solution 
Not a priority in the past, but it can be a lot of fun to decorate storage areas to fit your decor.  Check out lots of DIY ideas on how to dress up your old file cabinet or bookshelf  (both in my studio need more attention).
P.S. Updated studio pictures are coming soon :)
  • Keep Cords organized and Out of Sight
Tip from Martha StewartEliminate tangles under your work area by feeding all cords through a hole drilled in the desktop. Then plug the wires into a power-surge protector strip mounted on the underside of the desk. Keep cords in a coated wire basket (available at housewares stores) suspended under the desk with wire hooks. Tags identify where each machine wire comes from.  
- Great ideas!
Duni Studio
(I wish I was as organized as her)
more here from Invisible Crown 
  • Pick Pretty and Fashionable Stationary and Accessories for Your Desk 
Maybe it just old fashion but I still love to use handwritten notes and thank you card for my friends and customers. I feel more connected and more personal about good old paper and pen. During the holiday shopping I found so many stylish accessories for my desk .... 
can't wait to dress up my desk in the new more updated modern style:) 

  • Make Inspirational Boards
I know what are you thinking .... another pinterest advertisement.  And of course you are right about .... I love the ease and convenience of my handy tool Pinterest.  But in time .... and I'm totally doing it .... I would like to create a real visual board.  It's nice to be surrounded by an inspiring wall while you are working!

Do you have your favorite organizational tips? 

I would like to share them if you have something on your blog just give me a link to add them here.

xx, Lana