Monday, August 25, 2014

California - Part 2

Hello lovelies! I'm going to keep this sweet and short, because I'm swamped with many custom orders, sales, packing, ordering new supplies, and freelance work. Also, I'm very excited about my new collection that I can't wait to reveal!  Here are some photos from my California trip to inspire you for your next vacation perhaps:)
1. Malibu, CA - peaceful view and delicious seafood.
Chardonnay from local winery delicious 
oysters at Malibu pier 

view from Malibu pier

Old Mission at Santa Barbara, CA 
2. Santa Barbara, CA- Getting away this fall season? I would love to return to Santa Barbara one more time.... the lovely weather, art, wine, spanish architecture are endless sources of inspiration.  I visited the local Santa Barbara Museum and was happy surprised by lovely contemporary collection of Mark Chagall, but unfortunately that the only on room you not allow to take photos)

What is your dream destination? I would love to travel to Europe with this nice blouse (map of Paris)  I and my friend found them in Anthropology... I see myself strolling through the airport and heading to Europe.... love that idea:)
A girl should dream ... right?
And last but not least, here is a new watercolor illustration I completed last week inspired by my summer trips. More in my store this week. So, go ahead and dream of your next vacation and make it happen! My bags are always packed and ready to go!

with love,

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Southern California Places to See..... Part I

Hello my lovelies! I missed you my blogging friends....We just got back from a week long vacation in California. What incredible golf courses, magnificent views from the mountains, cool breezes from the Pacific ocean and sweet ( with abundance) wineries. This is my seventh time to visit Southern California and I definitely tried to explore new places and continued to try overcome my fears of heights :) Being from the flat land of Florida it was a nice for change. We loved our time!

Here is just a glimpse of my favorite CA places according to my cellphone:

1st stop in Ojai, CA

    Here is a link to OJAI Valley Inn and Spa for accommodation if this is inspired you:) Golf anyone?

I truly feel that our vacation spending quality time together, just focusing on each other, and also getting to see my best friend is so life affirming. I'm so happy my husband and I took time out of our busy schedule and made such special memories. It was a magical and relaxing time!

Now that we are back, it seems like work is calling and I will be busy for awhile to complete a few projects (from a waiting list) and also I will add more pictures from my CA trip ....................

so stay tuned for new pictures, art, news, and wonderful exploration! 
Cheers, Lana